Friday, November 5, 2010

More Than Meets the Eye

Hello, and thank you for for a little about myself, I am just a young woman making my way in this world that is sometimes unforgiving yet full of things yet to be discovered. Years ago I came to realize and have a knowing that there is more to this world/our surroundings than meets the eye. It has been an ongoing quest for me to discover the "truth" about the paranormal and spirit communication. I would admit that it is more of a need to learn that is always there, not just a passing curiousity.

I believe spirits and beings exist all around us, in surrounding dimensions. I also believe the ability to see and communicate with these things is something we have forgotten how to do, partly because we are taught it "isn't there" by the people that influenced us growing up, including what we are taught by society.
I can remember the feeling of returning to my body upon awakening when I was very little. Suddenly I would become aware of myself as I enter through the ceiling and fall similar to a feather on the breeze back into my body.

This happened many times, and did not see it for what it was as I was so young. Throughout my life as I grew up I stopped having these sensations..but believe I still do "travel" or more like "tune my consciousness to other planes of existance", as everyone does but either doesn't remember it, or sees it as something else such as a dream. So I continue on my journey with an open mind, and learn a little more everyday. It is here that I plan on sharing what I have until next time..


  1. Jessie, I'm so thrilled that you started a blog! It's absolutely beautiful and your photography is gorgeous! I've already learned something about you I didn't know from your first post and hope to continue to learn more. With love and admiration, your Mom

  2. Thanks mom! I look forward to posting more about my experiences and having you and others read them!