Saturday, November 27, 2010

Universal Writings

This post is about my newly discovered ability to "tap into universal knowledge" by sitting in front of a keyboard or writing by hand. I say universal knowledge because I believe we are all part of one universal energy in which knowledge is available to everyone. I have discovered this and many other things through my writings. It seems each message is short and quickly jumps to the next thought. I am not sure if this will improve with practice or not. I will share some examples here.

Reach into the depths and see what lies beneath. My suggestions to you come from the heart. It can only be you who makes these decisions wisely. I was taught that your heart is something delicate, not made of stone. Comparable to the rocks outside on your lawn. No. It is my distinct desire to let you see how valuable you are.

Punishment is not for the faint of heart. Yes, you may think there are ways around it, such as completing your day with the living time bomb above your head, but it isn’t so. It is a life that you can live. I am eager to explore the depths myself. Forgiving is a task made possible by reaching inside the heart and letting go. 

Flinging past the depths of the darkness arrives a bird of light, a being of transcendence. Might he not be of this living earth? Please let me tell you, it is important to remember allowance of the soul to reach its limit, once that has been known, it can then reach a state of higher achievement. A living being once said, is it enough to know that I can’t help this creature hatch its egg, let alone help it grow up and live life and out on its own.

I am now unable to relay those certain thoughts to your liking. I am following direct orders from the source of light. I am in understanding that you are the finest thing that relies on superb brain functioning and rationality. It won’t do any good to try and leave the total thinking capacities that are in reliance with the other beings that continue their reign upon this universe. Flying up high into the universe’s vastness requires a skill of sorts. Transformation of the being to something other than itself.

I am reaching to the sky at this point to show you that you are a certain type that can handle these things.  If you had seemed that you had traveled during the night than you are most correct. You traveling self is something that everyone does, just like you. It is a way to attain a knowledge that is nearly hidden in the waking hours. Familiarity is a thing that often strikes upon dream recall. Teaching you is something the astral plane is able to do with ease. For if you can forgive those of the past, then there is a good chance you will achieve that which you came for.

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